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Got a Hemi? Get a Small Block Hemi!

Few will argue that there is any engine with more prestige and bragging rights than the Hemi. Higher values also seem to go hand in hand with the Hemi; watch a MOPAR go across the auction block at any of the big auctions and as soon as the auctioneer says it has a Hemi the price goes up and up. We would all like a Hemi but a big block 426 is a big lump to squeeze under the hood of some cars and it also can be a bit heavy. What if you could turn your small block 340/360 Challenger or Cuda into a small block Hemi? How about a small block Hemi for your street rod? But you say they never made a 340/360 Hemi? Well, they do now!! Sound interesting?

That is just what friends over at Rod & Machine in Dickson, Tennessee have done. They are taking the 340/360 Mopar engine where no Mopar fanatic has ever gone before. They have designed a complete kit to convert your 340 or 360 wedge motor into a legit Hemi headed monster. Rod & Machine’s new conversion kits allow you to completely transform your 340 or 360 into a fire breathing Hemi. These kits and engines are not some quickie cheapo fly-by-night deal. These are extraordinarily well engineered packages which are simply mind blowing.

You think this is easy and anyone can do it; just imagine how many parts and components had to be designed, cast, and machined, to make this happen. If your imagination isn’t that good let me help you out; each conversion kit consists of the following:

  1. pistons, 
  2. rings, 
  3. pins,
  4. push rods,
  5. lifters,
  6. cam,
  7. cast aluminum heads,
  8. Hemi rocker arm assemblies,
  9. aluminum Hemi valve covers,
  10. intake manifold,
  11. block huger headers,
  12. plus all the necessary gaskets and bolts.

You can order your kit in one of three levels depending on how fast you want to go. The option levels include either a single four barrel carburetor, dual four barrel, or even a supercharger intake manifold is possible. While none of the levels could ever be considered mild, they vary in compression ratios from 9.5:1 to 11.5:1 and the induction systems and cams will also make huge differences in power.

You are probably asking what does it look like, does it look like a Hemi? Will my buddies know it is a Hemi when I open the hood? Take a close look at the accompanying photos to appreciate the beauty and engineering that went into these components. The conversion heads are incredible in their quality and craftsmanship. Open your hood, stand back and listen for the sounds of surprise and envy. With this 340/360 Hemi sitting in your MOPAR, the questions will begin to poor out of the jealous gearheads standing around your ride.

Unlike the new MOPAR crate Hemi, these actually look like a Hemi and don’t try to hide that image behind new age valve covers. Best of all, since these are 340s or 360s underneath those giant heads, you’ll not need to change K-members or perform any major surgery to install one. Rod & Custom has thoroughly run tested these small block Hemis in their shop and they have held up to some seriously strenuous testing.

If you would like a conversion kit, Rod & Custom will sell you everything you need to build your own. If you are more of a crate engine sort of guy they’re offering turn-key ready fully assembled engines, built to your specifications delivered to your door with a warranty no less! How could anybody ask for anything more? Congrats to all the guys at Rod & Machine for pulling this one off, this was truly a labor of love project and the devotion to this task certainly shows.

For more information, contact Jeremy at Rod & Custom Machine, 1354 Westfield Road, Dickson, TN 32055, or call 615-557-7068.

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I grew up and lived in Iowa for nearly 40 years before moving to Southern California and now live in Tennessee. I have been into cars since I was old enough to remember. I don't have a brand loyalty although I do prefer American Muscle especially the 1969/1970 NASCAR Aero Cars. (Check our our www.TalladegaSpoilerRegistry.com page) As long as it has four wheels on it I get excited. Few men are lucky enough to be able to share their passion for cars with the woman they love. Fortunately, my wife Katriana is also a gear head and many of our activities revolve around the cars. We have a small collection that includes at least one car from each of the Big Three. Katrina prefers all original cars while I like to modify them so we have a few of each. When we aren't playing with cars we are out with our miniature donkeys. You can see more about that part of our lives at http://www.LegendaryFarms.com.

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