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All of us have dreams of finding that pristine 1967 Corvette 427 with side pipes in a neighbor’s garage. It is still possible but today it is more likely to be a Chrysler K Car than a vintage Corvette. However, they are still out there so don’t give up. You are unlikely to be able to drive any of these barn finds home but they will likely be well worth restoring. Here are a few of the Barn Finds on display at the Muscle Car And Corvette Nationals in Chicago in 2014.

Click on this test to see more of the MCACN Barn Find display for 2014.

None of the cars on this page are For Sale.

If you have a Barn Find you would like considered for our web site please send digital photos and description to for consideration.

Let’s see who has the best Barn Find.

You might also want to check out this book, Cobra in the Barn, and you might also want to check out Corvette in the Barn.

Here are some more, check these out.

Before you look at all the Barn Finds and Pasture Finds how about checking out this Lake Find!

If you think all the old cars have been found and there is nothing out there in all those old barns and fields you are sadly mistaken.


We were recently driving down a main road outside of Pella, Iowa when we spotted a row of potential Rat Rods and collector parts cars! What a treasure; a junk yard from the 50s right out front and on display. Everything was for sale!


We are partial to the 1969 Ford and Mercury aero cars. Here are some that are ready for restoration.

Wendell Scott Race Car Finds!

How about this for a NASCAR Hauler? Looks nothing like the fancy high end 18 wheeler rigs the teams use today!


Barn Find at a Car Show!

We “found” this Barn Find at the Forge Muscle Car Show in 2010! It has 39,000 original miles and was parked and forgotten in 1975! This is why you don’t buy a car without looking at it! I can see it now, classified reads: “A 1969 Z28 RS in original condition, low miles, one owner….”

If you want to see more on this 1969 RS/Z28 Camaro, Click Here.

This wasn’t in a Barn but it was in a Body Shop!

This is now one of our Project Cars and is a very rare 1969 Mercury Cyclone Dan Gurney Spoiler; 428 SCJ Drag Pack, Ram Air, 4-Speed. This is a one owner car that had been abandoned in a body shop.

Here is Our Barn Find!

We just found our first real “Barn Find” in November 2009. It is an original owner AMX and it was located in a Barn! We will be bringing you more on this after it is extracted from the barn and onto our trailer for the trip home. You can now see it on our Project Car page.



Here are some good old Pasture Finds not far from our house!

1961 Ford Galaxy Wagon

Cool little Dart

1946 Ford; we have purchased this car and it will soon be going onto our Project Car page. It will be our first Rat Rod!

Not American but this grill would sure work on a Rat Rod.

Dodge Pickup

1937 Chevy Sedan Delivery; We just purchased this hulk. If you are interested in purchasing it before it becomes a Project Car or goes on eBay let us know. We are also looking for a rear door and two front doors.

Boss 429 and a Cobra Jet!

I still can’t believe these photos that were given to me!

It seems these two cars, a Boss 429 and a 68 1/2 Cobra Jet were just parked in a backyard with car covers on them for over 30 years.

Barn Find Boss 429

There it is, Boss Nine!

Barn Find Boss 429


Barn Find Boss 429

What a shame.

Barn Find Boss 429

Interior looks good.

Barn Find Boss 429

Oil cooler is still there and so is the smog stuff!

Barn Find Boss 429

Barn Find Boss 429

Look very closely, 321 ACTUAL miles.

I have been told that these cars were sold after these photos were taken and the cars are in the hands of a knowledgeable buyer.

68 Cobra Jet Mustang Barn Find

One of the first 50 Cobra Jet 428 CJ cars built in 1968.

68 Cobra Jet Mustang Barn Find

68 Cobra Jet Mustang Barn Find

You know this car did some strip time!

See this car today, Click Here.


This is our very own AMX Barn Find, you can see more of it on our Project Car page.


Click Here to visit the AMX Barn Find


A good friend of ours, Lou Whitfield out in Bakersfield, CA just scored a neat find. He knew about this car for 12 years or more and kept chasing it and now he is bring it home! It is a 351 powered 1969 Mercury Cyclone Dan Gurney Spoiler (W nose car). These have become extremely hard to find. Their sister car the Cale Yarborough Spoiler seems to be a little (but not much) easier to find.

Here are some photos of what Lou just found in early 2009. We will get you some more photos as his project begins to unfold. They will be posted on our Project Cars page.

1969 Mercury Cyclone Dan Gurney Spoiler Barn Find

I am looking for one of these myself. I want a 428 CJ Dan Gurney Spoiler. If you find one call or email me!

1969 Mercury Cyclone Dan Gurney Spoiler Barn Find

This car even has air!

1969 Mercury Cyclone Dan Gurney Spoiler Barn Find

1969 Mercury Cyclone Dan Gurney Spoiler Barn Find

WOW, look at all the extra goodies in the trunk. Sometimes you find stuff in the trunk that is worth more than the car!

1969 Mercury Cyclone Dan Gurney Spoiler Barn Find

1969 Mercury Cyclone Dan Gurney Spoiler Barn Find

1969 Mercury Cyclone Dan Gurney Spoiler Barn Find

If you would like to see what is happening to this car now, Click Here.


The following photos are of a pair of Cadillacs my friend Steve Whitaker found in a barn in Iowa in 2008.





AMX and Javelin

We found these AMC cars were scattered OUTSIDE the barn, that’s never good!



A barn find is usually a good thing; a yard find may not be so good!


These AMXs were part of a dozen or so  I passed on but were soon purchased by someone braver than I.


CHEVELLES! These were for sale on Craig’s List.

Barn Finds

There are approximately 35 Chevelles all lined up in a row. We found these in November 2009.

Barn Finds

Almost all are missing their engines and transmissions.

Barn Finds

Hey, look! No engine but you can pull it with the bicycle!

Barn Finds

This was one of the “best” in the row.

Barn Finds

Barn Finds

Barn Finds

Barn Finds

Yes, it is an SS.

Barn Finds

Barn Finds

There were several SS cars in the group but no drive lines.

Barn Finds

Barn Finds

If these had been put in a barn 20 years ago when they were parked they might be worth something today.

Barn Finds

Another SS.

Barn Finds

Barn Finds

Barn Finds

This is a convertible. Not much of anything was good on the car other than the top.

Barn Finds


This set of photos is of an old Chevy truck I found sitting in the pasture behind my in-laws property on Thanks Giving!

Barn Finds

Here is a big old Chevy truck we found on Thanksgiving 2009.

Barn Finds

Barn Finds

The scavengers have done a number on it.

Barn Finds

Barn Finds


  1. John, these cars were all for sale but as one lot. You had to take all or nothing. Only a few of the six cylinder cars had engines and all the cars were very rough. Restoration of maybe three would be possible the others were not even good for parts. The price of the bunch was not cheap.

  2. Are those chevelles for sale? If so let me know because i have been looking for one to restore fo six years now. please let me know and how to get ahold of the person who owns them.

  3. I’m looken for a 1969 ford fastback or mercury to, just like the ones you guys have, can you tell me were I can find one, Im not into restoring it, just the car with out the motor and trans. And cheep to, I don’t care if I have to do body work on it. Thanks Ron

  4. hey im looking for a cruched up 70 to 72 cowl hood where the cowl hasnt been cut up im doing a mod for my monte carlo.I have access to a couple nos hood but i will not cut them up because of the obvious any of you could help me out?

  5. And to think that each one of these were someone’s pride and joy at one time, maybe even the owner’s first new vehicle, that they scrimped and saved for, or made payments on for years, until finally one day, it was all theirs.

  6. When I lived in FL 10yrs ago. My friend who worked for the Florida power company told me of an old junk yard by some power lines he was repairing. I went looking for it on an old dirt road way south of Tampa and found it. The old man there said it was his fathers towing company and the cars have been sitting there since the 60’s. It had at least 12 55-57 chevys. There was a 62 impala ss blk w/ red int that was in perfect shape there. He had a 1966 olds cutlass convert just like the one I was restoring and he sold me the doors and chrome from the top of the windshield all for $20. There were mustangs,old trucks, one 62 corvette that was crashed but not bad in the front. All kinds of old cars I was in heaven. I asked if he would sell me some cars and he said as long as I have cash. I bought a 1969 chevelle from him for $500 that the body was nice and striaght without any rust. I went back with some friends about 6 months later to see how many cars we could buy and everything was gone including the old man. we found out he moved up north to be with his daughter and he brought in a crusher and crushed and scraped everything! I almost cried.

  7. I just picked up a 69 Cougar. Where can I find more information on the car? I would like to find out if it is an XR7 and what transmission it has or any other helpful information. I’d like to do a complete restoration and any information to share would be welcome!

  8. Saw an Identical Boss 429 advertised in an auto trader mag…..some run down car lot in Kentucky or Tenn.I cried since I could`nt buy it…..only $5500.dirty and all grabber blue…..called it a mach one or boss mach.not sure if orig.motor or? but it had all Boss 429 items on it and old decals on fenders.Hope someone got lucky and bought it.Trans am was sitting next to it also.both sat a while by the looks of the dirt/dust on them.

  9. My family own a four wheel BSA van – the only one in the world. British Small Arms (BSA) built only few thousand vans during the 1930’s, in three and four wheel versions. Our vehicle – a 1934 model – is the only one that survives. BSA cars are relatively common in comparison! The van is intact, but in need of full renovation, having been stored in a shed since about 1950.

  10. I went to highschool with a family member the gentleman with the boss 429 and 428 cobra jet. I grew up in glendora and moved away two years ago. Sad thing….I know where these cars were…ahhhhh

  11. im looking for a chevelle or any classic mopar car. prefferable a dodge charger of any year. let me know and see what u got

  12. I’m looking for 1957 2dr chevy or a 1967 2dr chevelle to restore kindly contact me when you locate them, thank you.

  13. I’m looking for a 69-70 dodge charger, 70 Plymouth roadrunner, or a 98-70 rs/ss camaro please email me with details if you have anyleads, also I need someone willing to take monthly paments only have so much money pay check to pay check

  14. Hi there,
    I’m looking for either a 1957 Ranch Wagon or 1960 Chevrolet Impala Wagon or any wagon from 1957-1960.
    If anyone could help, I’d much appreciate it!
    Email me at:
    Thank you all very much !

  15. This is information on a rare original condition 31,000 mile real deal. Still owned by original owner! All decimation and all there. Need restoration, no rust. Owner considering selling now after 42 years. He bought new! Can proof everything!

    1970 Mercury Cyclone Spoiler 429 SCJ Auto with Drag Pack!

    His price is $60,000. He has had offer of over $40,000 in the last few years of those few people who knows it exist!

    He has the air cleaner assembly in a plastic bag he removed the second day he owned the car. He has all the documentation and it is a true Texas car and has never been more than 200 miles from the dealership where he bought it brand new.

    Interest reply or forward to someone who might be interested.

    This car is a excellent find and all there rust free and never wrecked or cut on.

    Thanks, Ron

  16. I drive one of those old 51 Chevy Trucks around the ranch here in Montana! Had been setting up for 10 years and I put a battery in and cleaned the carb and started it up! Needs a master cylinder for the brakes!

  17. Cool pictures! I have a base model 69 Cougar I’ve been restoring. I’m needing a solid trunk lid, and solid hood if anyone out there has one? I’m in central Florida. Thanks guys!

  18. I have afriend handicap and her husband past .in mid restoration of what i believe is a early 70s gto .who would be interested in some good advertisieing for helping a strugling handicapped. Elderly woman?

  19. I was at that yard near Pella. Do you have the name or contact info for them? They have a car that might have a part i need for my restired 64 Falcon

  20. This is a cool site. Nowadays the average guy cannot afford to build a car, wether factory muscle or bone stock. It was fun to have those cars in our youth but nowadays it’s impossible to even think about it…..

  21. A driveway find 69 Nova sits in South Tampa FL. Owner says he has a clean title but no more time. I saw bunches of GM/Chevy engine/body parts, aluminum panels/hood, plastic windows. Reminds me of a street legal race car, but holds 36 gallons of fuel in 2 gas tanks/3 fillers. If the owner croaks, it will end up in the crusher. Hate to see that happen, but I have too many cars already. Got a partial list of what he says it has/will go with it. I took a few pictures. If you want to know where it is. My email is

  22. Hi everyone,

    If anyone has an information on my Olympic Gold 1969 Impala Convertible that was bought brand new in New Jersey and was brought to Ohio later on before I bought it in Ohio and took it home with me to Washington State.

    I would love to know furthermore about this car’s information, history behind this car.

    Thanks in advance. Contact me at:

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